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1、I lov

2、Do not give up. Fight for what you love. 别放弃,为你所爱的奋斗

3、Never put off the work till tomorrow what you can put off today 不要等明天交不上差再找借口,今天就要找好。

4、Pure will loss ,Youth fades. 【vs】 清纯即将流失 ,青春逐渐消失。

5、Habit is like a never healing stubborn scars. 习惯像永不愈合的固执伤疤 。

6、Not all the people in your life are meant to stay. 不是每个在你生命中的人,都一定会留下来。

7、Like a song, a lot of time is not because like, just by one way to miss a person... 喜欢一首歌,很多时候不是因为喜欢, 只是借一种方式去怀念一个人

8、Time will only make a happy, happy, sad and sad. 时间只会让快乐更快乐,让忧伤更忧伤。

9、May there be someone with you to give you the most warm and tender in the world. 愿有人伴你左右 给你世上最暖的温柔。

10、All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. 如果我们有勇气去追求,所有的梦想

11、Happiness is so short, please don't profligacy. 幸福那么缺货,请别肆意挥霍。

12、Is time, I don't have to let go easily. 是时候,我该轻易放手不必再挽留。

13、You no good, but deep in my heart . 你没什么好的,却深得我心。

14、The kiss of love is a deep hug. 对爱的人 接吻要深 拥抱要真。

15、ever say die. 永不放弃。

16、It is not about me not caring - what is the difference whether I care or not. 些事情不是我不在意,而是我在意了又能怎样

17、Just for once I want someone to be afraid of losing Me. 我也想有个人会害怕失去我,哪怕只有一次。

18、Keep quiet time for time. 静守时光,以待流年。

19、We supported for a long time , have lost to finally for ever and ever. 我们撑了好久,终于输给了天长地久。

20、Between us are only separated by one step, and I can not move you. 我们之间仅隔一步,而我却不能迈向你。

21、In blatant world, I'm just a bystander

22、Never once called permanence. 曾经的永远,叫天长地久。

23、Love is a carefully designed lie

24、Be real with me, or just leave me alone. 真诚待我,否则就请离我远点儿。

25、Not to eat the vinegar acid first tempted people the most miserable. 吃不到的醋最酸 先动心的人最惨。

26、Judge not from appearances. 人不可貌相,海不可斗量。


28、Start to do new yourself. 重新开始做全新的自己。

29、It is only because I love you would I yell at you. 喜欢你,才闹你。

30、Have you is enough 【有你足矣】

31、Since know, why so sensational. 既然心知肚明,又何必句句煽情


33、no pain no gain 【vs】 没有痛苦没有收获。

34、If through time, through love . 倘若看透时光看透爱。

35、All the deep loves is secret

36、Don't look back, just haven't found leave your reasons

37、Your name is such ordinary but it affects my mood all round. 你那么平凡的名字却影响我那么多的情绪. Don't promise me forever, just love me day by day. 不必承诺永远,只要爱我一天又一天

38、If you want a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. 如果你想过得快乐,把生活跟目标联系在一起,而不是跟某个人或某些事。

39、Don't sleep too late. Don't laugh. 别睡得太晚别笑得勉强。

40、The best happiness is all care you give. 最好的幸福,是你给的在乎。

41、I would rather be fat in a delicate way than be slim like everyone else. 宁可胖的精致,也不要瘦的雷同。

42、My favorite place is by your side

43、Young time we have not expected, in a hurry a wrong body, on error this life. 年少时的我们未曾料到,匆匆一个错身,就错失了今生。

44、Keep long hair love red eyes through love. 留过长发爱过烂人红过眼睛看透爱情

45、Forgive me deadpan but love you deep

46、- porque dios mi hizo quererte.我有多倔强就有多坚强

47、Our biggest enemy in love is not the intruder but the time. 我们最大的情敌,不是第三者,而是岁月。

48、You are traces of past injuries, but now is the field memories. 从前你是伤的痕迹,现在不过是场回忆。

49、Life is a wounded recover the continuous improvement of process 生命是一个不断受伤 不断复原 不断进步的过程。

50、天堂客满,地狱打烊 更别说我的心房 Heaven is full, hell is closed, not to mention my heart

51、我的脾气赶走了很多人 但留下了最真的人 My temper off a lot of people but the m

52、Today is the first day for the rest of your life

53、Some things are in memory to break into the slag, but now we are in the back. 有些事情在记忆里面都碎成渣了,可是现在的我们都还在回想。

54、Future time, will have my shoulder. 【vs】 未来的时光,有我的

55、I will wait for you until I have no more reason to wait anymore 我会一直等你,直到没有再等下去的理由

56、You are always in my heart, but the weight has changed. 我心里一直有你,只是比例变了而已。

57、I can forget a name, a voice, but can not forget a feeling, forget a person. 我可以忘记一个名字,一个声音,却无法忘记一段感情,忘记一个人。

58、你和我的回忆丢了不敢捡。Dare pick up your memories and I lost

59、The road of life is like a large river,because of the power of the currents,river courses appear unexpectedly where there is no flowing water. 人生的道路就像一条大河,由于急流本身的冲击力,在从前没有水流的地方,冲刷出崭新的意料不到的河道。

60、月遇从云,花遇和风。 Moon meets cloud, flower meets wind

61、Don't stay in the past. 别停留在过去。

62、What matters more is how well he treats you, not how good he is. 重要的不是他有多好,而是他对你有多好。

63、L go my own way {走自己的路}

64、Love is a carefully designed lie. 爱情是一个精心设计的谎言

65、Eventually forgotten by the merciless ,lost his。 最终还是被无情的遗忘,迷失了自己。

66、Not everything is meant to be. But everything is worth a try.并非一切都是命中注定的,但一切都是值得一试

67、The past is all gone.Being happy is the top priority. 过去了就过去了,重要的是自己要快乐。

68、When missing someone, suddenly from the strong giant into a cowardly child. 当思念一个人的时候,突然就从坚强的巨人变成了懦弱的小孩。

69、Never mind I ll find someone like you

70、If yesterday is memory, today I want to memory loss. 如果说昨天是回忆,今天我却想失忆。

71、Itriedsohardtoletyougo. 我已经如此努


73、The sandflass remembers the time we lost. 沙漏记得,我们遗忘的时光。

74、I will cherish every good to me。

75、Vulnerable to mention that I do not what kind of love 我又不脆弱何况那算什么伤。

76、I don't like their own past, it's not like you.But I love you. 我不像从前的自己,你也不像。但我就爱你。

77、Do not keep anything for a special occasion, because every day that you live is a SPECIAL OCCASION 不要将你的东西为了某一个特别的时刻而预留着,因为你生活的每一天都是那么特别。

78、What is love? Maybe when you are waiting, love is here. 等待,也许就是爱情本身。

79、we put in the darkness of the heart is called the moon dancing. 我们把在黑暗中跳舞的心脏叫做月亮。

80、If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today. 如果我们相信明天会更好,今天就能承受艰辛。

81、Love is like an hourglass,with the heart filling up as the brain empties. 爱情就像沙漏,心满了,脑子就空了。

82、It is easy to be hurt who gets worked up first in feeling. 感情呀,是谁先动情就容易受伤害。

83、Everything is going on, but do not give up trying. 万事随缘,但不要放弃努力。

84、In the bitter have to insist, in the tired also want to fight. 在苦也要坚持,在累也要拼搏。

85、baboon 狒狒,乡下佬,粗野的人

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