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1、My darling ,if you don't love me any more some 。 如果有一天你不再爱我了,我会安静的离开。

2、As long as we dare to dream and don't get in the way of ourselves, anything is possible--there's truly no end to where our dreams can take us

3、Youth is like smoking. Smoke in the dust. Ash fall. 青春好比吸烟,烟在飞扬,烟灰在坠落。

4、We used to talk everyday.now it’s like we don’t even know each other anymore

5、There’s nothing more beautiful than a smile that struggles through tears. 世上最美的,莫过于从泪水中挣脱出来的那个微笑。

6、Life is simple, you make choices and you don't look back. 人生很简单,做了决定就不要后悔。

7、I'm gonna make it happen. 我定会让一切成真。

8、我不奢求睡来陪我 我和孤独最般配 I don't want anyone I am the best matvh for solitude

9、Chase your dreams or let them go. 或执于你梦,或坦然放手. I'm still waiting for you to show signs of your beauty 我还在等待你展示你美丽的迹象 I

10、Met is the beginning but also left the countdown. 遇见是开始却也是离开的倒计时。

11、Never seeing each other becomes the best wish between you and me. 永不相见变成了你我之间最好的祝愿。

12、The effort that does not walk heart, is in perfunctory oneself. 不走心的努力,都是在敷衍自己。

13、当时的他是最好的他,后来的我是最好的我。At that time he was the best of him, and later I was the best

14、One day someone will walk into your life, then you realize love was always worth waiting for.有一天那个人走进了你的生命,你就会明白,真爱总是值得等待的。

15、Time rolls on and youth is gone. 【vs】 时光如流水,青春不回头。

16、knife to heart that stabbed and my world is quiet.拿刀往心脏那捅一下 然后我的世界就安静了

17、I have no intention to fall in love with you, but now I cannot kick you out of my memory. 我本无意爱你,如今忘不掉你。

18、Perhaps silence proved not sure. 也许沉默不过证明没有把握?

19、Remember that if you get through yesterday, you'll get through today

20、Love does not speak to the mouth, love is deep in the heart. 情不言于口,爱深藏于心。

21、I love the young like a song. 我爱的少年如歌。

22、Forgive me can not be met in the face of things choose to escape . 原谅我遇到无法面对的事情就选择逃避

23、Only dead fish follow the flow. 只有死鱼才随波逐流。

24、You said performing, is useful for a lifetime? 【你说的不离不弃、是不是一辈子有用?】

25、A friend without faults will never be found. 没有缺点的朋友是永远找不到的。

26、I am afraid of death even more because of your heart

27、You never know how much people like you who will laugh when you see you.你永远不知道那些一见你就会笑

28、Reliable friendship is the best warm coat. - 靠得住的友谊是今生最温暖的外套。

29、I like to pretend that I’m okay because I don’t wanna annoy people with my problems. 我装作没事,只是不想用自己的问题去麻烦到别人。

30、Act like a lady, think like a man. 像淑女一样处事,像爷们儿一样思考。

31、In this world, only those men w

32、When the tears falling from the eyes, says the gorgeous sad overloaded. 当眼泪从眼眶华丽的落下时 就表示悲伤已超载。

33、Don’t judge my path, if you haven’t walked my journey. 若你没有经历过我的旅程,就不要来批判我走的道路。

34、I only do a star in your world! 我只做你世界中的一颗星星

35、I'vetriedmylastbitofenergy,justasyoubloomedsunflowersmile. 我用尽最后一丝力气,只为你绽放向日葵一样的笑容。

36、We talk too much,love too little and lie too often. 我们的话语太多,真爱太少,谎言泛滥。

37、Youth is the only time that we have the right to weave the dream. 年轻是我们唯一拥有权利去编织梦想的时光。

38、All is only you completely 所有

39、The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of theirdreams. 未来属于那些相信梦想之美好的人

40、Happiness is good health and a bad memory. 幸福是良好的健康加上糟糕的记性

41、No one can help you unless you help yourself. 没人会帮助你除非你自己帮自己

42、In the story of your life, don’t let anybody else hold the pen. 不要让他人执笔,来书写你的生命故事。

43、We are all looking for someone who understands us.我们都在寻找一个懂我们的人。

44、I'm a girl without the ability to feel pain. 我是个无痛女孩。

45、Some people like sunshine, warm, beautiful, but ultimately unable to retain. 有些人就像阳光,温暖、美好,却终究无法挽留。

46、Warm too deep Company is too short. 温暖太深 陪伴太短。

47、My love will shine(我的爱人会发光。)

48、Everything will get better, what you should do is to believe that. 一切都会好转的,你要做的就是相信。

49、I know I'm not beautiful, but everyday I hope you think that I am. 我知道我不够美,但每天我都期望着你会觉得我是美丽的。

50、Overflowing of I, walk in the overflowing looking for love road. 漫无目地的我,走在漫无目地寻

51、Sometimes it's better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you

52、I in and so on future.Will have you future

53、Love isn’t complicated , people are. 爱并不复杂,复杂的是人。

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