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1、I thought I could be strong no longer cry, but that's just thought. 我以为我可以坚强的不再哭,可那只是以为。

2、No words are necessary between two loving hearts. 两颗相爱的心之间不需要言语。

3、Chaos in the mind is not trapped in situation 不乱于心 不困于情

4、You make my heart smile.我的心因你而笑。

5、Love, living things, is you let me know! 【vs】 爱情,扯淡的东西,是你让我懂得!

6、Sometimes the right person for you was there all along. You just didn't see it because the wrong one was blocking the sight. 有时候,那个人就在你身边。只是你不知道他的存在,因为错误的人挡住了你的视线。

7、Here I stand ,I' m not going anywhere 我就在这我哪也不去

8、Yesterday is today's memory,tomorrow is today's dream. 昨天只是今天的记忆,明天却是今天的梦想。

9、I can accept failure but I can’t accept not trying. 可以接受暂时的失败,但绝对不能接受未曾奋斗过的自己。

10、Has been lost again, better than never wounding more. 得到了再失去,比从来就没有得到更伤人。

11、I'm sorry that I can't make myself unhappy to please you.很抱歉,我没法委屈自己来取悦你。

12、Well, not that emotion

13、We love others too early, self love too late. 我们爱别人太早,爱自己太迟。

14、The fleeting moment, the long forever. 短暂的瞬间,漫长的永远。

15、Energy and persistence conquer all things. 能量和坚持可以征服一切事情。

16、No road is long with good company. 有好的旅伴,再远的旅程都不会嫌长。

17、I miss you so much already and I haven’t even left yet!尽管还不曾离开

18、I just want to be different in your heart. 我想成为你心中的特别。

19、I apply to get into your life. 我申请,加入你的人生。

20、Not crave forever, because too far. 不奢求永远,因为太远。

21、I am not lazy,i just really enjoy doing noting. 我不懒,我只是喜欢什么也不做而已。

22、I said I don't believe in love. 我说我早就不相信爱情了

23、My Story is not the end of the praise but moved . 我的故事最终无人歌颂却把自己感动. I love you very much, but all wait for your back. 我很爱你,可是终究等不到你的回头。

24、Wind whispers eventually hoarse people don't have far to go home

25、I miss you ,after I miss you . 我 想 念 你,在 我 错 过 你 之 后

26、Life is funny

27、I am not you who who who, why care about Russia 's who's who. 我不是你的谁谁谁,何必在乎我是谁的谁。

28、To forget the mis

29、【 l may not be perfect,but l`m always me

30、You are not my beloved. Then how would you know that I love. 你非我良人。怎知我情深。

31、When every love comes to the end, if u look back, u will find flowers and sorrows, but it is always

32、Thank you for your smile, once panic over my time. 谢谢你的微笑,曾经慌乱过我的年华。

33、Sloth is the key of poverty惰能致贫。

34、Better things is coming. 更好的正在到来。


36、Across the galaxy, across the moon, to meet your better self. (跨过星河迈过月亮去迎接更好的自己)

37、Those who are heartless, once cared too much. 那些绝情的人,都曾经在乎得太深。

38、still have feelings of more than the hard to avoid - 余情未了,难免庸人自扰

39、Rather be a dumb don't say too much nonsense. 宁愿做个哑巴不说过多的废话。

40、A lot of people don't need to see you again because it's just passing by.. To forget is that we give each other the best memorial

41、Originally the life can spend so open

42、Start to do new yourself.重新开始做全新的自己。

43、If I say leave me alone , actually I need you more than anytime. 如果我说我想一个人静一静,其实我比任何时候都需要你。

44、When the mood is fallen, only thought is to abandon all. 当心情跌落谷底的时候,唯一的念头就是放弃所有。

45、Promise less or do more. 要么,少承诺一点,要么,多付诸行动一点。

46、Old dream we had the best time of appearance. 梦里的我们还是旧时的模样有着最美好的时光。

47、Lonelyforalongtimemeethappinesswillpanic. 孤独久了遇到幸福都会恐慌。

48、Like to go to vindicate ah You see, like doesn't spell it right away 喜欢就去表白啊 你看like拼出

49、Keep on going never give up!

50、Happy about no one can only hold the force. 快乐没有谁可以左右,只有自己用力握紧。

51、I don't need a gentle short for long. 我不需要短暂的温柔换来长久的冷淡。

52、i was born to tell you i love you

53、How are you better than I slowly walk. 你好好过我慢慢走。

54、Girl do not lose loving you . 姑娘别拼命给爱

55、Never mind I love far apart you. 天各一方没关系 我远远的爱你就行了

56、It will stop things like your heart will be a dull pain. 把事情停下来,就会想你,心就会隐隐作痛。


57、I just want us together

58、You say, just say, long time no see. 对你说一句,只是说一句,好久不见。

59、Let the right one in. Let the old dreams die. Let the wrong ones go. ——让适合的那个进来吧,让残梦褪去吧,让不适合的那个走吧。

60、Yourloveisadream,butarealpain. 你的爱是个梦,却有真实的痛。

61、Quiet your fears.停止你的害怕

62、My tears can't bear the weight of all the love you want.我的泪光承载不了所有一切你要的爱

63、Do not let yourself live like a joke. 不要让自己活得像个笑话。

64、Life is a wounded recover the continuous improvement of process 生命是一个不断受伤 不断复原 不断进步的过程。

65、Every effort is only for the future.万般努力只为以后能够出人头地

66、Tired, sad, squat down, give yourself a hug. 累了,难过了,就蹲下来,给自己一个拥抱。

67、Someone said, my love, I just thought

68、I'll tell you all about it when I see you again. 与你重逢之时 我会敞开心扉倾诉所有

69、When love is not madness, it is not love.如果爱不疯狂就不是爱了。

70、Morgen, die Zukunft, die sich zuerst?明天 、未来 ,哪一个会先到。

71、Time will tell you the love for the simple things lasts long and the people loving you are the warmest. 时光会告诉我们,简单的喜欢最长远,懂你的人最温暖。

72、Is is no use crying over spilt milk.覆水难收

73、I was the original I just smile more thin cool。 我还是原来的那个我 只是少了笑容多了薄凉

74、The fragmentation of the separation, this is you want to end. 支离破碎的分离,这是不是你要的结局。

75、I want to strong, is not what you said strengthened themselves. 我要的坚强,不是你所说的逞强。

76、I need him like I need the air to breathe. 【vs】 我需要他,正如我需要呼吸空气。

77、Courage isn’t having the strength to go on. It’s going on when you don’t have strength. 勇气不是让你继续的力量。勇气是当你没有力量时,让你继续的东西。

78、☆ If it is wrong to love you, then my heart just won't let me be right ☆ 爱上你是一种错,但我的心却怂恿我一错再错。

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