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1、Everyone's heart is a piece of sea, shining bottomless blue. 每个人的心都是一片海,闪耀着深不见底的幽蓝。

2、Sometimes, miss is not time, is feeling. 有时候,我们错过的不是时间,是感觉。

3、You don't go to anyone else, and I looked so sad. 你别再走向别人了 我看着好难过。

4、I love you for my life past. 我爱你,爱了整整一个曾经。

5、I love you more than you will veer know.我比你想象中的更爱你。


6、am strong,therefore I am.我坚强,故我在。

7、All the beauty that can not go back is the best time in the world. 所有回不去的良辰美景,都是举世无双的好时光。

8、Never regret something that once made you smile. - 不必遗憾,至少你曾快乐过。

9、Be the actor of your own life, not a spectator of others` lives. 做自己生命的主角,而不是别人生命中的看客。

10、Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have. 如果你对自己不满意,你也不会对你所拥有的感到满意。

11、You come me, when you will not walk, you will walk me, when you have not come. 【vs】 你来我当你不会走,你走我当你没来过。


13、Don't let yourself down. It's not easy to get here. 别辜负自己, 走到今天真的不容易。

14、I s

15、My tears, my grief it can only prove

16、You are unique and one of a kind. 你是唯一的,无可取代。

17、True love doesn't have a happy ending, because true love never ends. Letting go is one way of saying I love you. 【vs】 真爱不会有美好结局,因为真爱根本就不会结束,放手也是我爱你的一种方式。

18、you are my god

19、Some peop

20、我愿在你怀里成猫娇而不傲 I wish in your arms into the cat Jiao not proud

21、Smile when it hurts most. 最痛苦的时候 请微笑。

22、Like a song, a lot of time is not because like, just by one way to miss a person... 喜欢一首歌,很多时候不是因为喜欢, 只是借一种方式去怀念一个人....... I'm just actors, always in someone else's story, his tears flow. 我只是个戏子,永远在别人的故事里,流着自己的眼泪。

23、Even black and blue, I have lived up to the color!

24、To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. 爱自己是终身浪漫的开始。

25、Love's tongue is in the eyes. 爱情的话语全在双眼之中。

26、Only you can control your happiness. 只有你自己能掌控自己的幸福。

27、The future that we hold is so unclear

28、Don't waste life in doubts and fears. 不要把生命浪费于怀疑与恐惧中。

29、Love, living things, is you let me know! 【vs】 爱情,扯淡的东西,是你让我懂得!

30、I’m just an ordinary women. i just ask stability for my sentiment. 我只是个平凡的女人,感情也只贪个安稳。

31、来我城堡,当我的王 Come to my castle, when my king

32、Action speak louder than words、 行动胜于言语!

33、Believe in yourself. 相信你自己!

34、Since I met you, I'm not going to forget you. 自从认识了你 我就没打算忘了你。

35、I can only love you one, because I have only got a full of love. 我只能爱你一次因为我只有一次完整的爱。

36、我不懂你在不在乎我。我只懂我很在乎你。I don't understand you don't care about me. I only know that I care about you

37、Thank you for your company, whether you accompany me to the end or not. 不论你是否陪我走到终点 都感谢你曾经的陪伴。

38、Actingas if nothing borne in mind is the best revenge.It's all for myself to live better. 【vs】 若无其事,原来是最好的报复。生活得更好,是为了自己

39、Less love,more time. 爱少一点,爱久一点。

40、No one love you more than me

41、I love you, looks like you not to love my same firmness. 我爱你,就像你不爱我一样的坚决。

42、L'amore l'evoluzione di un tale fallimento, lasciando profondamente impotente. 爱情演变的如此失败,只留下那深深的无奈。

43、you are my life to me. 对于我来说你就是我的全部。

44、“Gotta be having Deja vu.”“我一定在哪见过你.” ​​​

45、In the very smallest cot there is room enough for a loving pair. 哪怕是最小的茅舍,对一对恋人来说都有足够的空间。

46、One day I passed,one day I missed...one day left,I gotta graspit 一天路过,一天错过,另有一天,好好掌握。

47、My world is not open to anyone any more

48、EXO,You Are My Lucky Love!


50、Love is hard to get into, but harder to get out of. 爱很难投入,但一旦投入,便更难走出

51、We all recall once had, but once we had nothing but reluctant to talk. 我们都很回忆曾经的曾经,但那曾经的曾经我们却都不愿提起。

52、Keep quiet time for time. 静守时光,以待流年。

53、No matter how you feel. Get up, dress up, show up, and never give up 不管感觉有多糟,起床,打扮,露面,永不放弃。

54、Nothing can stop I love you。没有什么可以阻止我爱你。

55、The sandflass remembers the time we lost. 沙漏记得,我们遗忘的时光。

56、The most painful but one person was a man. 最痛不过一人始一人终。

57、In the end is not original. 到最后早已不是最初的自己。

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